Psychological Support for Manager




Upon completion of this training program, all trainees will be able to:

  • Segregate personal affairs and work and maintain the right attitude at the workplace
  • Minimize stressors and create the right atmosphere at the workplace
  • Apply the techniques to manage the job burnout effectively
  • Motivate themselves for improving their works at the workplace
  • Cope and release stress for creating good working environment
  • Determine effective ways to enhance performance
  • Manage self-care for improving performance at the workplace


  • Personality and Work-related Distress
  • Personality and Leadership
  • Performance and Individual Well-being
  • Ways of Enhancing Performance
  • Work-related Stress
  • Understanding Burnout and How to Manage It
  • Self-Care Techniques for Improving Performance

Who should Attend?

This course is specially designed for:

  • Director
  • General Manager
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Executive

Trainer's Profile

Specialties: Psychology, Counselling Skills, Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills, Research Development and Implementation, Program Monitoring and Evaluation.

Fee Charged

  • USD 180 (Registration makes before 14 October 2020)
  • USD 220 (Registration makes before 20 October 2020)
  • USD 250 (Normal Fee)

The course fees are inclusive of course materials, handouts, meals, refreshments, and certificates of completion but do exclude 10% of VAT amount.