Coaching and Mentoring Program

In this contemporary, high momentum, interconnected world of competitiveness, organizations are turning to coaching and mentoring programs as one of their strategic talent planning to develop talent for keeping the sustainable growth, development, and competitiveness of their respective organizations. Increasingly, organizations are realizing the many benefits of developing talent through coaching and mentoring programs. However, questions often arise about the use of each method, how these methods can support talent development, and the tools available for running programs.

Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA) provides coaching and mentoring for individuals, teams, and cross-functional groups, provided by coaches and mentors have decades of a real world, in-the-seat experience. Combining their organizational practical understanding with their expertise in human potential, they can help you get where you want to go faster. In short, we help you get out of your own way. So you can find your groove… reach your highest potential… and access strengths and resources you do not even know you have. Our Coaching and Mentoring program helps to move your business forward and it can be the next step to develop the skills your team members have learned. We offer Coaching and Mentoring in these important areas:

  • Business Development and Management;
  • Management and Leadership;
  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service;
  • Teamwork and Team-Building;

Many organizations are offering coaching and mentoring program to their employees. However, how do organizations decide which combination of coaching and mentoring dialogues to use? In addition, digging deeper, what types of coaching and mentoring programs? If you are ready to accelerate your performance and take it to a new level through coaching and mentoring program, we can help. To learn more about our coaching and mentoring’s specifications, please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us by 011 625 444/011 650 444/016 627 444.