Knowledge Sharing Session and Charity Event

In today's dynamic and highly competitive global markets, organizations must be responsive, innovative, and capable of resolving complex issues swiftly. The industrial era, with its stagnant markets, is a thing of the past. This environment necessitates high-dynamic value creation and highly responsive organizations. It is the responsibility of every individual across all sectors to continually update and develop their knowledge, skills, and competencies to meet the evolving demands of their roles.

Knowledge sharing is now more crucial than ever. It serves a vital role in creating awareness and promoting learning within organizations. When information and best practices are shared effectively, employees gain clarity on their responsibilities and are better equipped to create effective strategies. This empowers them to achieve better results for their companies, clients, and themselves, taking into account available resources and associated advantages and disadvantages.

Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA)'s Knowledge Sharing Sessions and Charity Events are designed to foster a community of practice dedicated to knowledge and skills enhancement. These sessions provide a platform for sharing insights, lessons learned, and best practices, with presentations by esteemed national and international speakers who are experts in various fields. Additionally, these events serve as charity fundraisers, reflecting CamMA's commitment to giving back to the community.

The main objectives of our workshops are as follows:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge, and tools.
  • Foster a network for sharing knowledge.
  • Encourage discussion and contribution of innovative approaches and best practices.
  • Demonstrate our love and support for the community and society by assisting impoverished communities through our participation in Knowledge Sharing Sessions and Charity Events.
  • Donate all revenue from these events to underprivileged communities and Non-Profit Organizations in Cambodia.

We welcome sponsorship and donation requests for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs at all levels. While we already support several charities and organizations, we strive to allocate our resources judiciously and consider all requests carefully.