In-House/Customized Training Program

The global marketplace is competitive. If you are going to keep up with the fast-changing pace, every member of your team in an organization needs to perform at the top of his or her roles and responsibilities. You need to make sure they have the required knowledge and skills to reach their potential because that is what will make your whole team and organization better than everyone else’s will in comparative advantages.

Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA)’s in-house/customized training, learning and development solutions are a highly flexible, efficient, cost and time-effective way to get the maximum return on your training and development investment. Participants are more focus and training program will be more specific and customized based on your organization’s training needs and expectation from the participants with the current challenges and problems counted. Training is more focus on the company current issue and able to discuss the solution among the employee within the organization with our expertise.

CamMA’s In-house/Customized training is always the best choice to train a group of participants within your organization. With our in-house/customized training, you can choose the course that is right for you. Mix and match objectives and topics, location and course length, and the number of participants to perfectly suit you.

Having an in-house/customized training program has many perks. If you can enjoy training without leaving your office, why not? We offer an awesome package for in-house deals, and please do get in touch with us for a free consultation, and we may just have the right training solution for you by [email protected] or 011 625 444/ 011 650 444.