Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA) is proud to congratulate our team for remarkable achievements in successfully providing Skills Training, Development, and Business Consultancy Service. We would like to express our sincere thanks to our clients for trusting, continuous supporting and willingness to affiliate with us in developing their employees ‘capacity and improving their business performance through our skills training, development and business consultancy service in these recent years. None of the above achievements without their trusting and supporting our services!

CamMA confidently believes that through the above-mentioned achievement, we together are a significant contribution to develop our people, grow our business and grow our country. We are always very proud to receive positive, constructive feedback and compliments from our dear clients. Your feedback is important in determining our performance and how we can continue improving our levels of service, professionalism, and stewardship of the Skills Training, Development and Business Consulting Service Industry.

Here are what our dear clients have said about us!

ActionAid Cambodia

Mr. Kimsan Chantara

Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development

Leadership and Management Skills

As an organization dedicated to empowerment and development, ActionAid Cambodia hi...

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