Message from Our Management Team

Dear Valued Fellows and Partners,

Welcome to Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA)!

Having seen world economy is growing rapidly while Cambodia is part of the wider ASEAN region in which the potential commercial future is envisioned, and our inquisitive innovative mind sees ample opportunities in developing newer tools, instruments, and methodologies in various size of Businesses in Cambodia.

Due to narrow-based economy, however, Cambodia also faces challenges in the wave of globalization and regionalization including; weak position in competitiveness and lack of human resources development (HRD) and new Information technologies advancement (IT) are as examples among both public and private sector in Cambodia in dealing with the economy booming and change.

In responding to the above challenges that have been faced by most businesses in Cambodia and alighting with Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA)’s vision and mission, we are here in playing an indispensable role in GROWING and DEVELOPING our PEOPLE through proving Skills Training & Development, Coaching & Mentoring and Teamwork & Team-Building Program. Together with, we strive to offer a complete spectrum of Web-Based IT Solutions geared towards the specific needs of the business and thus improving the efficient use of technology of our business partners.

Our Skills Training & Development, Coaching & Mentoring and Teamwork & Team-Building Program meticulously planned/offered by our Management Team with a strong collaboration with our expertise Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, Mentors, Developers and Programmers with over 15 years of practical experience in specific areas/industries in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency.

We offer the great quality Web-Based IT Solutions with a team of highly qualified, skilled, and dedicated Web Solutions with an average of 10 years of experience. Our Web Solutions’ team of multi-talented programmers and designers are experts at developing, maintaining, editing, and updating websites of all kinds.

Your time is valuable, and so is ours, so our goal is to best prepare you while taking up the least amount of your time possible. If there is any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I look forward to welcoming you to Our Skills Training & Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Teamwork & Team-Building Program, and Web-Based IT Solutions where our aim is to support and assist you on your business journey. Thank You!

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. ORM Ponnareay
General Manager