Web Maintenance and Editing

Maintaining a website is vital because the tools that people use to view your company’s website are always changing. You must take into account the different types of computers and internet browsers that are popular among your audience. Are people reading your content on computers or smartphones? What about tablets? Do they use Chrome, Firefox or Safari? Does your eCommerce website allow users to complete their purchases from any of these devices? If not, you are losing customers.

What’s more, editing your existing content can also lead to website success. Leaving your existing content alone will result in readers finding stale information on an outdated and old-fashioned website. In that situation, many readers will move on quickly for a more modern website.

Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA)’s IT expert team can help you by tracking your website data and providing monthly reports. Our website maintenance and editing services keep your website running as smoothly as can be. Working with our team ensures that your website will be monitored and strategically upgraded on a regular basis. When you come to CamMA ‘s Web Solutions, we’ll be happy to make any changes to your site whenever you like, even if you’re not on a maintenance plan. Our packaged plans make these services worry-free, affordable, and easy.

Our Web Maintenance and Editing Can Include:

  • Content changes, text changes
  • Page additions
  • Product changes, additions
  • Pricing changes
  • Updates to your calendar
  • Promotions and sales
  • Fixing broken links, addition of links
  • Menu changes
  • Address and e-mail changes
  • News updates
  • Changing pictures
  • Meta tags and search engine optimization

Website maintenance can also include many other functions and can be customized to fit your business needs.