Skills Training and Development Program

The Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA) has been highly engaged in assisting Skills Training and Development in all sectors in Cambodia where its arms to increase work productivity and capacity for business growth and competition. Our Skills Training & Development practice specializes in increasing the capability of your workforce through high-impact skills training, learning and development experiences. We can help you to envision, design, develop, deliver, and measure the impact of critical learning and development solutions using time-tested approaches, highly qualified professionals, and a variety of proven and emerging delivery technologies to meet your organization’s skills training and needs.

We work with you to understand your performance objectives, organization’s skills training and development needs, the individual training needs and expectations learn what drives your workforce, and create effective solutions that build, expand and/or improve critical capabilities. Our Skills Training and Development has been playing an integral role in serving skills training services to all sectors in Cambodia. Our Skills Training and Development Program are covering on 8 key areas:

  • Industrial Relations
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Business Development and Management
  • Human Resource Management & Development
  • Management and Leadership
  • Sale, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

The Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA)’s Skills Training and Development Programs comprises of three types, Public Training, Customized Training (In-House) and International Training Programs which aim to:

  • HELP the organization in enhancing their profit growth while increasing employees motivation;
  • HELP the organization in reducing the employee turnover rate while improving organization and employees engagement and cooperation;
  • BOOST organization in deeper talent succession pipelines with the current require Skills Training and Development while improving employees speed to competency.
  • PREPARE the organization and yourself with the tools you need to fulfil your international and global ambitions;
  • AUGMENT knowledge that will make you stand out from the crowd; to acquire and/or master skills and aptitudes that will allow you to stay ahead of the race and to surpass yourself through professional development;
  • KEEP abreast of the ever-changing realities of the world economy and to develop the reflexes you need to adapt successfully.

If you wish to receive the Training Calendar 2024, please contact to Mr. Vann Sela, Business Development Manager via 012 222 197/ 070 222 197 or Email: [email protected].