Management and Leadership Skills


Organizations rely on effective Managers and leaders who can navigate the complex and dynamic landscapes of the 21st century. With challenges stemming from competitive environmental spheres, organizations must equip their leaders and managers at all levels with the tools, competencies, and strategic acumen necessary to address these multifaceted issues. Such skills enable managers to make informed decisions, orchestrate seamless operations, and steer the organization towards the realization of its overarching objectives. Moreover, adept leadership ensures the cultivation of a positive workplace culture, employee morale, and innovative thinking, all of which are essential for organizational growth and sustainability in the competitive global market.

Skillful managers and leaders bring numerous benefits to an organization, ranging from increased productivity and employee morale to improved retention and innovation. These skilled professionals create a supportive environment that values employees and encourages them to think creatively, fostering a culture of openness and empowerment. This leads to better decision-making, increased revenue, and profitability for the organization. Moreover, organizations with skilled managers and leaders often have a positive reputation in the job market, making it easier to attract top talent and adapt to changes in the business environment. Overall, skillful managers and leaders play a critical role in driving organizational success and ensuring long-term sustainability.

This training will offer a comprehensive experience that enhances the participant's managerial skillset. Trainees will gain the knowledge and tools to effectively identify, analyze, design, and influence critical organizational processes, thus enabling them to facilitate work and achieve results efficiently. From understanding the nuances of managerial roles and honing leadership capabilities to employing coaching methods and enhancing communication skills, this program covers a spectrum of essential competencies necessary for successful management and leadership in contemporary organizations.


This course aims to equip trainees with essential skills and knowledge to effectively manage and lead teams, projects, and organizations. The trainees will learn to enhance their leadership capabilities, improve team performance, and drive organizational success. Therefore, upon completion of this training program the trainees are expected to have the ability to:

  • Apply the key tools, positive attitude mindset to produce a harmony working environment and collaboration among others within the organization
  • Practice the key concept of management and leadership for organizational succeed and personal succeed
  • Apply key tools for developing personal leadership and building positive attitude, skills and knowledge
  • Deploy framework of personal leadership and 360-degree leadership
  • Apply team coaching and mentoring techniques for high performance result
  • Practice key communication techniques and skills for high performance result communicator with both internal and external customer
  • Demonstrate the steps and techniques to design and develop work plan effectively
  • Sharpen problem-solving techniques and decision-making skills to become an effective problem solver and decision-maker in the organization


This course offers a comprehensive exploration of key management and leadership topics crucial for professional success.will be explored in-depth during the course, allowing participants to gain a holistic understanding of management and leadership and develop practical skills that they can apply in their roles. Specifically, our training will cover the most important 5 modules:

  • Module 1: Management Skills
  • Module 2: Model High Standards of Leadership
  • Module 3: Effective Coaching Skills
  • Module 4: Effective Communication Skills
  • Module 5: Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

Who should Attend?

This course will benefit both aspiring and current managers and leaders across all industries. It is designed to cater to individuals at various levels of management, from team leaders to senior executives. Specifically, this course is perfect for:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • HR Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Aspiring Leaders

This course is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their management and leadership skills, develop their teams, and drive organizational success.

Trainer's Profile

He is currently a Managing Director for one of the leading office materials suppliers and a freelance business advisor and mentor to many businesses. He is a certified business trainer with more than 15 years of experience in delivering Management and Leadership programs as one of his expertise.

Fee Charged

The course fee is USD 270.00. It is inclusive of course materials, handouts, meals, refreshments, and certificates of completion but do exclude 10% of VAT amount.

We are offering an early bird registration fee to anyone who registers earlier. Interested participants or companies are encouraged to view the course details and early bird registration deadline. For further details on early bird fee, please find following:

USD 230 (Register before 7 March 2024)
USD 250 (Register before 14 March 2024)