Practical Office Management and Administrative Skills


Office Management and Administrative Skills are crucial for the smooth functioning of any organization. These skills help in maintaining a well-organized work environment, managing time and resources effectively, and ensuring that day-to-day operations run efficiently. Without these skills, an organization may face problems such as missed deadlines, poor organization, and ineffective communication, which can ultimately lead to a decrease in productivity and profitability. Therefore, any organization needs to have employees who possess strong Office Management and Administrative Skills.

Office management and administrative skills are important for any organization because they are essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of daily operations. These skills help employees to manage their work effectively, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines. They also help to maintain an organized and professional work environment, which is important for creating a positive image of the organization. In addition, office management and administrative skills are crucial for effective communication, both within the organization and with external stakeholders such as clients, suppliers, and partners.

The Office Management and Administrative Skills training is designed to equip trainees with the necessary skills to manage an office effectively and efficiently. Throughout the training, trainees will learn a range of skills, including how to manage administrative systems and procedures, how to handle customer service, how to use relevant programs, how to schedule appointments and meetings, how to handle data entry and record keeping, and how to manage office finances/assets.


The course aims to enhance your ability to manage your workload effectively, prioritize tasks, communicate clearly and professionally, and work collaboratively with colleagues. It can also help you develop the skills required to handle business letter, meeting, and other communications, manage schedules and appointments, and handle basic bookkeeping tasks.. Therefore, upon completion of this training program, the trainees are expected to have the ability to:

  • Develop a formal administrative letter
  • Manage an office including document, inventory, and security
  • Model the basic principles in facilitating workshop as well as meeting
  • Smoothly run the orderly work


This training covers a range of skills that are essential for managing an office and ensuring its smooth operation. This may include organizational skills, time management, communication skills, record keeping, filing, and bookkeeping. Specifically, the training will cover the most important below 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Administrative Letter Writing
  • Module 2: Orderly Work
  • Module 3: Documentation Management
  • Module 4: Office Supply Management
  • Module 5: Health, Security, Order, and Safety
  • Module 6: Leading and Managing Meeting

Who should Attend?

This course will benefit for administrators, assistants, executive secretaries, existing or prospective office managers, senior administrators, and supervisors of junior-level employees. Specifically, this course is perfect for:

  • Admin and HR Managers
  • Office Administrators
  • Office Supervisors
  • Administrative Staff
  • Secretariat Officers
  • Personal Assistants

Trainer's Profile

He is a Deputy Director of Human Resources at a state-owned bank established with over 10 years of experience in office, administrative, and HR management. He has earned a reputation as a master of his craft by delivering exceptional training and earning him recognition in his field.

Fee Charged

The course fee is USD 270.00. It is inclusive of course materials, handouts, meals, refreshments, and certificates of completion but does exclude 10% of VAT amount.

We are offering an early bird registration fee to anyone who registers earlier. Interested participants or companies are encouraged to view the course details and early bird registration deadline. For further details on early bird fee, please find the following:

  • USD 230 (Register before 5 February 2024)
  • USD 250 (Register before 12 February 2024)