Professional Selling Skills


Today’s marketplace is highly competitive and every organization is looking for a larger share of the market. In an economy where the customer is king, how do sales representatives position the features and benefits of the products/services they sell?

Providing sales training plays an important role in helping sales representatives practice and hone their selling skills. This Sales Training Course helps sharpen the skills of even experienced sales representatives enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and aggressively expand the business. By providing an environment where they can make mistakes and learn from them, organization can be benefit from having sales representatives who can make the greatest impact facing their customers on a daily basis.


At the end of the training program, all trainees will be able to:

  • Apply the key tools, positive attitude mind-set to motivate your-self to success in sales career
  • Set goals that motivate to sell more
  • Identify the prospect needs by conducting a needs analysis
  • Master active listening techniques to better connect with and understand clients
  • Deliver presentations that sell
  • Handle objections professionally & effectively
  • Master highly effective closing techniques
  • Apply the key follow-up techniques for long-term relationships and future business


  • Module 1: Marketing Your Product
  • Module 2: Preparation to be Professional Sales Person
  • Module 3: Professional Selling Steps
  • Module 4: Selling Techniques and Keys to Success
  • Module 5: Sales Monitoring and Evaluation

Who should Attend?

This training program is specially designed for:

  • Sales Officers/Supervisors
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Everyone who is in Sales or Business Development Department

Trainer's Profile

Specialties: Sales & Marketing Management, Customer Service & Hospitality Management, Management & Leadership, Business Development & Management, Business Communication & Negotiation Skills, Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Skills, and Skills Training & Development.

Fee Charged

  • USD 200 (Register before 2 June 2023)
  • USD 220 (Register before 13 June 2023)
  • USD 250 (Normal Fee)

The course fees are inclusive of course materials, handouts, meals, refreshments, and certificates of completion but do exclude 10% of VAT amount.