Training of Trainers (TOT)


All Businesses are putting employee learning and development (L&D) at the heart of their strategy. While their internal trainers are playing such an important role to ensure that their employees’ skills, knowledge, and competencies required for their business growth and development are fully equipped. For the time being, all businesses must ensure that their internal trainers are fully qualified and have completed the formal training program on Training of Trainers.

To deliver an effective training course or session, the training needs to be delivered by a training practitioner who has the skills to deliver effective training. A skilled trainer can plan for a session effectively in aligns with the training needs assessment, as well as manage the session. The trainer can deliver the program with confidence by providing an inclusive training environment so all learners thrive, irrespective of ability. Moreover, he/she should assess delegates at regular intervals to ensure they are developing during a session. At the end of their program, the trainers should also gather feedback to evaluate the effectiveness and identify improvements.

This program will provide the trainees with the training tools to be able to deliver a fully inclusive training session. This hands-on program will help them to plan their role and responsibility as a professional trainer, plan the training cycle/preparation more effectively, develop a practical lesson/session plan, deliver their subject/topic and manage the training class more effectively. Finally, the trainees will be guided to evaluate the effectiveness of their delivered training and themselves as a trainer.


The course aims to prepare instructors to present information effectively, respond to participant questions, and lead activities that reinforce and deliver a fully inclusive learning session. It will also support trainees on their development in a training role and improve in-house training sessions in the organization. Therefore, upon completion of this training program, the trainees are expected to have the ability to:

  • Apply techniques of professional training facilitation skills and how to be the best trainer
  • Point out the highlights and pitfalls of various visual aid options and training tools for producing an effective training session plan
  • Analyze their audience and tailor their materials and program delivery
  • Apply best practices for engaging learners, encouraging discussion, and stimulating their learning motivation
  • Enhance their confidence to deliver an effective presentation to their audience


The course content will cover a range of topics, including do's and don'ts for the trainer, practice of various training materials preparation techniques, such as slides, TNA, training curriculum, training objective/content, agenda, and session plan. Participants will also learn how to deliver the training, class management, question and answering skills, and giving feedback. Additionally, the training program will focus on how to handle trainees’ problem strategies. Especially, our training will cover most important below 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Characteristic and Responsibilities of a Trainer
  • Module 2: Training Cycle and Competency Based of Trainer
  • Module 3: Setting the Stage as a Trainer
  • Module 4: Developing a Session Plan
  • Module 5: Delivering Training
  • Module 6: Assessing Yourself

Who should Attend?

This course will benefit all kinds of employees who may be requested to deliver training in their roles. This includes roles such as HR Officers, Training Administrators, Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Assistant Managers. The course will support their development in a training role and improve in-house training sessions in the organization. Specifically, this course is perfect for:

  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • HR Executives and HR Managers
  • Head of Departments
  • Trainers or others who handle the training process at work.

Trainer's Profile

He has a Professional Training of Trainers diploma from the WTO in Canada, with a focus on Adult Learning Principles, Advanced Training of Trainers, and Effective Training Needs Analysis. With over 15 years of training experience, 1000+ trainees have benefited from his TOT courses.

Fee Charged

The course fee is USD 270.00. It is inclusive of course materials, handouts, meals, refreshments, and certificates of completion but does exclude 10% of VAT amount.

We are offering an early bird registration fee to anyone who registers earlier. Interested participants or companies are encouraged to view the course details and early bird registration deadline. For further details on early bird fee, please find the following:

  • USD 230 (Register before 8 February 2024)
  • USD 250 (Register before 15 February 2024)