Understanding Cambodian Labor Contracts



  • Determine practical knowledge of the legal procedure and clauses to be put in the labor contracts to make it clear and legitimate
  • Differentiate the difference between Fixed Duration Contracts and Unfixed Duration Contracts and their applications
  • Identify the appropriate measures to be taken when a worker committed any misconduct
  • Gain practical knowledge of the legal procedure to suspend labor contracts or to do mass layoffs when the company faces serious financial and material difficulties Recognize the legal procedure and the legal grounds to terminate the contracts of normal workers and specially protected workers
  • Identify the legal method for calculating the compensation and indemnity for contract termination.


  • Module 1: Fixed Duration Contract (FDC)
  • Module 2: Unfixed Duration Contract (UDC)
  • Module 3: Apprenticeship Contract
  • Module 4: Contract of Casual Workers
  • Module 5: Probationary Contract
  • Module 6: Contract for Foreign Workers
  • Module 7: Special Protection
  • Module 8: Contract Suspension
  • Module 9: Disciplinary Action

Who should Attend?

This course is specially designed for:

  • Human Resources Professional
  • Compliance Professional
  • Compensation & Benefits Professional
  • Administrative & Finance Professional
  • Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Officers who deal with employment contracts.

Trainer's Profile

Specialties: Lawyer specialized in Business/Commercial Law, Labour Law, Law onTaxation, Civil Law, Court Litigation, Criminal Law, and Case Representation.

Fee Charged

  • USD 200 (Register before 12 October 2023)
  • USD 220 (Register before 16 October 2023)
  • USD 250 (Normal Fee)

The course fees are inclusive of course materials, handouts, meals, refreshments, and certificates of completion but do exclude 10% of VAT amount.